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Glow Scroll


LED Curtain


  I've always had a love of LEDs, from repackaging them into common objects to larger scale projects like here.  I'm mostly self-taught in electronics, having tinkered and explored them since the time I could first manage a screwdriver.  My Grandparents would always save their broken electronics for me, even on occasions where I receive gifts I'd get mechanical or electronic devices bought specifically so I could take them apart!  I even used to go dumpster-diving as a kid looking for discarded electronics.  Nowadays I go to second-hand shops or discount stores looking for interesting gadgets to take apart and possibly re-purpose.
  If your children are always taking things apart - don't get too angry :)  That was me.  Encourage it!  At the very least, redirect it away from your working daily-use devices to "junk" stuff they can play with.
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